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Room Redo

My family moved into a new house over the summer while I was at camp. So while I missed out on moving all the boxes, I definitely had my own mess to come home to. Unpacking boxes, trying to find things I didn’t pack… the plus side to this move was that I finally got to try a bit of home design. After many years of having the same bedding and room layout, the room I’m now in called for a new plan!


I embraced my love for pink and combined it with the trend. What isn’t offered in a soft pink these days? Every little detail was so much fun to plan! Realizing the challenges of small space and coordinating with pieces I already owned was a fun challenge. And yes, that is my stuffed bunny. I am obsessed with anything soft and I’ve always loved bunnies, so it was a necessary purchase. 😉


My favourite find was this little shelf! The ladder shelves are usually really tall; the size of a bookshelf. But I wanted to find one that would fit next to my bedside. Scored on this find at winners!


I like to keep things and collect things. So it’s really hard for me to keep my room tidy! I really wanted to minimize the amount of clutter though and have a proper home for everything. So far, I have not kept it perfectly. But when it’s clean, it’s so refreshing!


I even found a home for my must-keep nicknacks!


And incorporated Bible verses and pictures of friends. Lots of artwork!


Along with a place to keep notes and cards that I like to display.


Also a part of the cactus and succulent phase…


I finally got to display my DIY jewellery project. It was mostly finished a year ago but then I finally put in the hooks for all my necklaces at the bottom. And what do you know, it helps me utilize all my jewellery more.


I really loved having the chance to try something creative on a larger scale! Being able to add details and coordinate them all was so much fun! Plus, since I chose to put a chair in my room, I have a spot to relax.


There it is! The reason I didn’t socialize before I started school again! (Haha)