Looking for something a little more unique and a little more special? A custom order can fulfill that need. Whatever kind of project you’re imagining, I’d love to help you make that priceless memory!

The fastest way to make an inquiry is on Instagram but you can also reach out to me under the contact page. Please allot at least 2-6 weeks of time before expecting your order to be complete (depending on the size of the project).


I have worked on several different types of projects with different types of mediums.

  • greeting cards
  • chalkboards
  • wedding invitations
  • wood signs
  • watercolour
  • lettering & calligraphy
  • chalk
  • acrylics

Sample Work

what kind of prices should i expect?

Since each custom order will have different material and labour costs, each project will be unique. Please reach out to be for an individual price quote.

However, here are a list of base costs to give you an initial idea.