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I reserve the rights to all photos and content at rebeccapaperdesigns.ca and all sub-sites. Everything expressed is my personal opinion and perspective (this includes my perspective on any companies or organizations; I support the ones I mention but do not necessarily represent them). I maintain the right to express my opinions. Not everything said will apply to all readers. I write with truth and integrity as far as my knowledge goes.
I have the right to remove any comments I deem as inappropriate.

Privacy Policy

All information submitted through forms or on the shop site, will be kept private and confidential. The information submitted will only be used for the purposes disclosed to you. I am not responsible for any information submitted on Paypal. Addresses will only be used to mail products. Credit cards will only be used to receive payments and not for any further uses.

Terms & Conditions

At this time, returns or exchanges will be unavailable. If there is a problem with your product or it does not meet your standards, send me a message and I would be happy to try and work something out.

Shipping Disclaimer

While I will do my best to have your order shipped in a reasonable time, the shipping process is managed through Canada Post. I am not responsible for any delays or loss of orders caused by the shipping company.